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The People

Peter Peter Fraser is an internationally known photographer, living in London and born in Cardiff. He has exhibited his work in more than 65 national and international exhibitions and his publications include three books: Two Blue Buckets, Ice and Waterand Deep Blue. His current work examines the nature of materials, in the more general sense, and he is currently working on a project titled: Where different Materials Meet. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Bill Brandt Award.
Ian Ian McDonough is Convenor of Edinburgh's Shore Poets and recently edited their anthology The Ice Horses, published by Scottish Cultural Press. His work has appeared in all leading Scottish journals, including The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday,The Herald,The Edinburgh Review and New Writing Scotland. He is currently working on abook of poems about The Clan MacHine, an imaginary lost clan who inhabit a world where Highland tradition and new technology combine and clash.He is registered under the Scottish Arts Council's Writers and Artists Scheme. Originally from Brora, Sutherland, he has a keen layman's interestin physics.
Dino Dino Jaroszynski has a permanent position at the University of Strathclyde in the Physics and Applied Physics Department. He is an established experimental physicist and has worked in a number of research establishments in Italy, France, Holland and Germany. He was born in Helsinki, Finland, and originates from an "artistic" background,both his parents being professional artists. He has a wide interest in the arts and the sciences and has recently won a Scottish photographic competition with a portrayal of pre-war Yugoslavian tension in a work containing profane and sacred images. He has been a close friend of Peter Fraser since his undergraduate days in Manchester.
Brian Brian McNeil is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Physics and Applied Physics at Strathclyde University. As well as having a significant publications record in the theory of collective effects in free electron physics and systems of two level atoms,he is a qualified secondary school teacher in physics and mathematics. His training and insights into the learning process will enable material to be developed which will be meaningful to the target audiences. He has a keen interest in literature, in part motivated by the poet Ian McDonough who has been his close friend for eighteen years.

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